Testimonials New Narrative Psychotherapy London N4

“Joe is a sensitive, kind, intelligent and trustworthy therapist

who had the ability to challenge my views in a way that I could

take. This was crucial at a time when my world was collapsing

and I needed the strength to put myself back together.”

– from a female client aged 29




“I started therapy with Joe when a very traumatic incident happened

to a family member. I was very tense and could not express my feelings.

Joe’s calm and gentle nature had a big impact on my life. It helped me to not

 only accept and deal with the more recent events but also to find clarity

 about past incidents which were still affecting me in the present.

I feel relieved and my wife has noticed many positive changes.”

– from a male client aged 37




“Joe helped me understand many things about myself and my

relationships.  I could finally work out different ways to respond

to others and acknowledge what I want. He was very important

to me as a positive male role model, of which I’ve had so few. I am

very grateful for the work we did together and would

recommend him to anyone considering counselling.”

– from a female client aged 54




“Things had been really difficult for me for some time before I started

seeing Joe. Joe had the courage and fortitude to step into the unknown

with me when my life was very messy. Our work helped me manage

 things a lot better. He is a brilliant and insightful counsellor.”

– from a male client aged 43




“Seeing Joe every week for couples therapy was the catalyst

of many changes in our relationship. We identified patterns

that were causing problems and making us feel hurt and

distant from each other. Joe gently led us into conversations

we had never had before. This strengthened the points we

have in common and greatly improved our communication.”

– from a couple in their late 20’s




“I saw Joe for a number of months after my mother passed away.

 I was devastated, preferring denial to facing the awful reality

 of facts. Joe was really patient and supportive and helped me

  find resources within myself I did not know I possessed.”

– from a female client aged 26




“Joe has a potent presence, with warmth and a care

for his patients that is palpable. Our weekly sessions

were a safe haven for me, when I could reveal my

deepest thoughts, let out my anger and face my losses.

Joe is really accepting and helped me find a nurturing

part of me and make peace with myself. Thank you.”

– from a female client aged 34

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